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Health Camp

Health is a very important aspect for all human beings. But many childrens and women remain deprived from health care facilities and medicines which is necessary for all human beings. Health camp is one of the most important features of the health scheme. Health camps are done with an objective of bringing awareness among the common masses about the disease they are suffering from and also providing them free medical advice and medicines. We focus on the required nutrition for childrens as nutrition plays a very important role for them especially in the early ages. The nutrition provides required health and brain to the childrens which is important for their future development. Every year many 

childrens die due to the lack of nutrition which could be prevented by professional
medical  advice and that’s  remain one of  our focus.  Also the health camps give
a greater life to all sections of the society.

Women Empowerment

To help the women our organization has built a family counseling program which is important to settle the needy women temporarily and we try to solve their problems so that they can be self dependent. Also most of the time women are facing inequitable distribution of domestic rights and social responsibilities. We are driving camps to promote women’s empowerment in society and to reduce the poverty of women so they can become equal partners in society which will make a stronger future for everyone. We are driving camps to spread awareness which will reduce the poverty of women so they can become an equal partner for us for a great future.

Awareness for Literacy

On a regular basis We have started boys and girls education programs to make people aware of the importance of literacy..we regularly distribute books free of cost to the participants in this program. The participants of the program benefited greatly and parents of participating childrens agreed to encourage others so others can also get benefited by these camps for the welfare of the masses.to make a better society in future we must create the awareness for literacy among common people.

Water and Sanitization

Water and sanitation is one of our primary projects which seeks to improve access to good hygiene, clean water and decent toilets for everyone. We arrange seminars and workshops on a regular basis for water problems for the communities and local authorities on water supply and sanitation sector development. We also encourage technical solutions needed for improvement of the situations, sanitation action plans in the local communities. Many childrens die from the diseases of inadequate water supply, hygiene and sanitation. We focus on substantially increasing water use efficiency across the community, ensuring sustainable withdrawal and supply of freshwater and reducing the number of people suffering from water scarcity.

Disaster Management

“Akhil Bhartiya Gramodyog Seva Sansthan” with its welfare interventions focus on childrens, women and their families. We try to respond to the call of humanity in times of such calamities under its disaster response programme through emergency actions taken by us. We work on a variety of areas like  humanitarian assistance, sustainable development etc. we try to play important roles in different stages of the disaster management cycle. Our focus in disaster remains to respond quickly and to try to save as many lives as possible. We try to design and manage relief and rehabilitation strategies for disaster management including close monitoring activities and timely program and financial reporting .

Dry Ration Kits Distribution in Covid Era

We have gone through a hard time in covid era which we have survived. In that time we have tried to complete our responsibility towards our community by our efforts. We identified the needs of the community and provided our support and services through distributing dry ration kits to people as it was very important for them to survive. That was among our basic responsibilities in covid era which we have done.