Akhil Bhartiya Gramodyog Seva Sansthan

Address: Village: Hemaria, Post Office: Tendwa Basantpur, Shanti Nagar, Lucknow Road, Distt: Bahraich, 271801, Uttar Pradesh

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Akhil Bhartiya Gramodyog Seva Sansthan

“Akhil Bhartiya Gramodyog Seva Sansthan”  is a registered voluntary organization. It got registered in the year of 1985 by a group of like minded people of Bahraich to improve the quality of life of people of Bahraich.we are working for the education, health and women’s empowerment in the unprivileged communities specially with women and children. We want to create an equitable and democratic living environment where deprived people specially childrens and women will have access to education, health and essential infrastructure service irrespective of their social and economic condition.

We are committed to create a strong and independent society without discrimination where everybody enjoys equal opportunities. In order to create that we need to create a better future for farmers which is also among our future plans for a progressive society.

Since its inception we have been working related to child rights, water and

sanitation, Balwari project, self help.groups, safe motherhood and child survival, literacy and economic empowerment sector. 

Beside this our organization has implemented a SIFPSA supported project. Flood relief program supported by UNICEF and the implementing project named “sure start” with the help of BAIF (PATH) in two blocks of district we focus to mitigate the risk of disaster (flood) through risk reduction of the community.

Under Covid-19 Food Distribution(Dry Ration Packet) to 822 Migrants Labors & Poor and Needy Peoples uptill on 31/03/2022 supported by JIV Daya Foundation, Samdashani Foundation & ABGSS – Bahraich. As well as Pre-School Nutrition Program in two centers supported by JIV Daya Foundation. Till dated ABGSS has implemented 85 projects of different nature.


To improve the quality of life of people in the operational area through holistic and participatory development mechanism


We want to create a clean, healthy, educated and a progressive and prosperous society. As farmers are the pillar of our society we want to make a better future for farmers in our community.


No children and women should be deprived of education so we want to make a better society for women, children along with farmers which will make a greater future for the common masses. We are trying for Better development in our communities through our work and ethics.